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NUMINOUS COMPANY provides creative producing and consulting services to leading creators of culture, enhancing the creativity of their already high-quality work, by making it funnier and more interesting, and therefore more meaningful and engaging for audiences.

consulting for some of the world’s top standup acts, working on original comedy series’ for leading streaming platforms, and helping high-impact non-profits unlock the power of edutainment comprise just some of numinous company’s work. clients include industry-leading yet fiercely independent artists, corporate brands, and creative visionaries from the charity world.

A Boutique Services Firm Providing Individualized, High-Impact, Creative Services

​humor matters.
that’s why insurance companies hire expensive ad agencies to create their funny commercials. why do geico, progressive, and allstate keep trying to make us laugh, when there is nothing funny about insurance?

media & entertainment

television and film ~ screenwriting

// standup comedy optimization

// forensic script review &

sensitivity analysis


startups & tech

creative ideation (for both

marketing & product development)

// company naming // app

Naming // Product Naming //

cognitive framing (for both brand

& market placement)

creative ideation on edutainment options // strategy consulting //

creative marketing services

to amplify messaging & increase

real-world impact

non-profits & charities

humor consulting for litigators: opening/closing statements & witness cross-

examination prep // Candidates & Public Servants In Office // cognitive framing of political/campaign issues, assisting in platform formation and messaging // Causes Of Action & Counterclaims

law & politics

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"Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious"

- Sir Peter Ustinov

Creative Producing
& Consulting

be numinous. be luminous.




Post-covid world has emerged. NUMINOUS COMPANY supports the gift economy, based on the twin principles of (a) fair exchange, and (b) ‘give what you can, take what you need.’

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